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Modern Architecture

Thinking of doing a house extension or renovating but not sure where to start? Let PRC build extensions or renovate your house for you to discover that perfect balance of function, practicality and design at a fantastic price so you can have more wonderful memories in it. Not to forget that you will be adding value to your house as well as appeal, increasing your comfort and enjoyment, updating your outdated house perhaps, avoiding the stress of buying a new home with more other added benefits while financing is still affordable.

At PRC we offer complete house extension and renovation services from A to Z. We are committed, passionate and take pride in what we do and we’ll do our best to deliver the results you wanted.

You can talk to us today to arrange an obligation free appointment to discuss about plans to suit your budget.

A renovation and extension company like Prestige Renovation Concept (PRC) is a great choice because they will they you from the start what can or can’t be done. So there won’t be any surprises.